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What sort of equipment is available?

The types of equipment currently available includes:

Standard Teaching Station & TSJr control stations
Overhead projectors (for transparencies) (available in most classrooms at all times)
Data Projectors (digital projection)
TV monitors
VCRs/DVD Players
Slide Projectors
Stereos (cassette and/or cd players)
Sound systems

If you require a specific type of equipment not listed here or a particular set up in your classroom, the Office of Space Management will work with you to best meet your needs.

Can I bring in my own equipment?

Yes. In fact, in some cases this may be required, particularly if you wish to make power point presentations or access the internet, in which case you may need to bring in your own computer/laptop. However, you may wish to consult with the Office of Space Management or your department/division as some equipment may not be suited for the classroom in which you are teaching.

How do I ensure that my course is scheduled in a room that can accommodate my audiovisual / technology needs?

By communicating your A/V needs early in the room allocation process these factors can be taken into account when determining a suitable location. Room allocations are typically handled within departments/divisions and therefore any special requests should be directed to the appropriate person.